Sunset Grill

About Us

A rooftop meat and seafood lovers’ paradise

With an open kitchen showcasing a charcoal grill, there’s are cabinet displays with dry-aged beef and various fine meats. Accented throughout with marbled counter tops, stylish black-and white floor tiles highlighted with full-length windows, diners can enjoy an intimate rich dining experience. Signature cocktails and fine wines can also be enjoyed at an outdoor terrace bar overlooking the sea. A fine selection of seafood can also be relished at this distinctive dining hotspot.

Riesling Weeks Special Offer

Asparagus x Riesling pairing: German Asparagus, Iberico Ham, German Riesling Sabayon Foam, Finger Lime paired with a glass of Max Ferd. Richter, Riesling Trocken Estate, Mosel (150 ml) at HKD$280+ per person


19/F Shearton Tung Chung, 9 Yi Tung Road, Tung Chung


2535 0025