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About Us

Where Our Journey Started – 2018
Bottle Wander was born on a hot day in July, 2018 on a short trip to Bordeaux – a unique place to most wine lovers because of its status in the wine world. The best thing about wine trip is that, unlike any big city that we live in, everything around you slows down and it brings inner peace. We were walking around aimlessly, strolling through vineyards, picking grapes, feasting on local cuisine, talking to people working in the vineyards and wineries. Everything seemed so wonderful and magical.

This is how we started our journey, and we feel “WANDER” is the best word to describe our feelings on wine.

Adventure on the wine route 2019 – 2020
Between 2018 -2019, we frequently travelled to different countries wine regions, wishing to bring the best wines to our customers. We always proudly say that each partner that we work with is family owned with high quality and good value.

Address: 83B Hollywood Road, Central