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Riesling Weeks Hong Kong

1-30 June

Organised by Wines of Germany and launched in 2013, Riesling Weeks Hong Kong is an annual month-long campaign in June to promote German wine, led by its famous grape Riesling. Riesling Weeks is held in over 12 countries worldwide.

Riesling Weeks is supported by leading hotels with fine dining facilities. Around 100 participating restaurants, bars, retailers and online shops offer pairing menus, German wine flights and discounts. The objective is to showcase the quality and diversity of German wine. In addition to the versatile Riesling, you can explore other equally impressed German wine including Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Silvaner, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), amongst others.


德國葡萄酒協會主辦的Riesling Weeks 是為期一個月的德國葡萄酒推廣活動。每年在全球超過12個國家慶祝。香港 Riesling Weeks 始於2013 年,於每年六月舉行。

香港 Riesling Weeks 得到各大酒店餐廳鼎力支持. 約100家參與餐廳、酒吧,零售店及網店提供配對菜單,德國酒 wine flight,折扣優惠等. 目的是介紹德國葡萄酒的品質和餐酒搭配能力,除多樣性的 Riesling(雷司令) ,你更可探索其它優質的德國酒,包括:Spätburgunder(Pinot Noir 黑皮諾)、Silvaner、Grauburgunder(Pinot Gris 灰皮諾)及Weissburgunder(Pinot Blanc 白皮諾)等。

German Wine Queen Visit

German Wine Queens and Princesses are global ambassadors of German wine. Each year, the thirteen Germany wine regions elect their own regional wine queens, who will then compete for the title ‘German Wine Queen’ and ‘German Wine Princess’  the following year. This year, the 74th German Wine Queen is Katrin Lang from Baden.

德國葡萄酒皇后及公主是德國葡萄酒的全球親善大使。德國的13個葡萄酒產區每年均挑選葡萄酒產區皇后,當他們卸任後,這13位產區皇后便會角逐德國葡萄酒皇后及公主名銜,代表德國到世界各地推廣葡萄酒。今年第74屆德國葡萄酒皇后是來自 Baden 的 Katrin Lang。 

German Wine & Asparagus

White asparagus is a German delicacy and the season is from mid-April to St John’s Day on 24th June. Elegant German wines harmonise perfectly with the delicate aroma of white asparagus. Check out the mouth-watering asparagus recipes here.

白蘆筍是德國美食,季節是從4月中旬到6月24日的聖約翰節;優雅的德國葡萄酒與白蘆筍的細膩香氣完美協調。 我們準備了幾款蘆筍菜譜,歡迎在此查看。


Enjoy German Wine Here

Throughout June, wine, dine and shop at around 100 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau. Enjoy pairing menus, free tastings, special offers and more.

整個六月,香港和澳門有約100家店鋪將在 六月 Riesling Weeks 期間推出各種特別菜單,免費品嚐和優惠。

“Enjoy a glass of German Riesling or explore the food pairings prepared by top sommeliers in town.”

Where to Buy

German wine is readily available in Hong Kong. Here is the list of suppliers.


German Grape Varieties

Germany is home to Riesling and is also the Pinot paradise:

  • Riesling: covers nearly 25% of German vineyards and 40% of global Riesling planting
  • Spätburgunder: the third largest Pinot Noir planting in the world after France and US
  • Grauburgunder: the second largest Pinot Gris planting in the world after Italy
  • Weissburgunder: the world’s number one Pinot Blanc planting


德國是 Riesling 之家, 亦被稱為 Pinot 天堂:

  • Riesling:覆蓋近25%的德國葡萄園,佔全球 Riesling 種植40%

  • Spätburgunder:世界第三大 Pinot Noir (黑皮諾) 種植,僅次於法國和美國

  • Grauburgunder:世界第二大 Pinot Gris (灰皮諾) 種植,僅次於意大利

  • Weissburgunder:世界最大 Pinot Blanc (白皮諾) 種植

German Wine Regions

Germany has 13 wine growing regions, 11 of which are in the southwest corner of the country while the other two are located in former East Germany. Most vineyards are situated along river banks and on hill slopes. All wine regions offer breath-taking landscapes, history, wine culture, hospitality and enjoyment, ideal as tourist destinations.

德國有13個葡萄酒產區,11個座落德國西南部,另外兩個位於前東德。 大多數葡萄園沿河或在山坡種植。所有葡萄酒產區都有嘆為觀止的風景、歷史、葡萄酒文化、款待和娛樂,是理想的旅遊目的地。


German wine x Asian cuisines

Asian cuisines are best matched with wines with moderate alcohol levels, soft tannins, crisp acidity and the right amount of residual sugar, all essential characteristics to balance the acidity, sweetness, umami and mix of spices in Asian dishes. Happily, this means that almost every kind of German wine can pair well with Asian cuisines. This perfect pairing is made possible thanks in part to the elegance and freshness of these cool-climate wines.

搭配亞洲料理,最適合的葡萄酒是適中酒精度,柔和單寧,清爽酸度,及適量殘糖。這才能與亞洲料理裡的酸、甜、咸鮮、辣等口味完美和諧配合。德國葡萄酒在清涼氣候種植, 酒體清新優雅是配搭亞洲料理的理想葡萄酒。

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